Rocket League E-League a match made in heaven?

Promo photo for ELEAGUE CUP

The creators of ELEAGUE who have helped CS:GO rise to prominence as a major Esport and given TV slots for those games on TBS recently announced they will be doing a Rocket League series starring on December 1st with 8 teams competing for around $150,000 . This is a major breakthrough for Rocket League as its global championship is just one tournament and Rocket League doesn't have any other major tournaments. It's easy to brush this off and just look at it as another money making bit for TBS's parent company but it is actually good for the whole industry.

First, this gives the signal that media outlets are interested in Esports and that valuable TV time will be dedicated to them.

Secondly, this isn't just a showcase of a tournament, Warner's deal with Psyonix is that they will not only stream the games to YouTube and Twitch but they will run a 3 episode mini-series on not only the behind the scenes of the of tournament itself but the lives and practices of the professional Rocket League players themselves. This a major breakthrough as no TV program as ever just gone through the lives of any professional gamer. Sure there are some self done documentaries on YouTube and Blizzard has done several close encounters with Starcraft and Overwatch players but again the key is that they don't have TV slots. This allows the knowledge and audience of professional gaming to broaden and more people learn how the professionals actually do it.

Finally, it will give the companies a chance to step it up and do more than what Psyonix has done. Now, Psyonix is not a major company by any means. They have made a great fun game but they don't have the amount of money and influence as Riot and Blizzard do at the moment. This I personally think will force their hands into doing something bigger. Maybe they turn to major networks like NBC and FOX to see if they can get better deals or even get a FOX or NBC eSports channel created. It's a game that many groups, organizations, and companies play to try and get more business.

So when this tournament airs in December it could mean a turning point for the whole Esports community.