Players to Watch in Overwatch League Inaugural Season

With the Overwatch League Pre-Season just a few weeks away, teams and players are practicing with their new teams and preparing for the long season ahead. Let’s take a look at some of big names, up and coming stars, and hidden gems for teams.

JAKE (DPS) - Houston Outlaws

JAKE at Overwatch World Cup for Team USA 

After Luminosity Gaming Evil dropped out of contenders, Jake Lyon remained relatively unknown except for his time put into the United States World Cup team. He showed tons of skill on Genji and Soldier:76 and made his presence known against the much stronger South Korean favorites in a close 2-4 loss. With Clockwork and LINKzr, Houston has underrated yet very skilled DPS line up.

Chipshayen (Support) - Dallas Fuel


Chipshayen with Team EnVyUs at Contenders

As many know when playing Overwatch healers are vital to a team’s success and pro teams are nothing without them. Being able to effectively run Ana as well as go with the standard Zenyatta, chipshayne was vital to team EnVyus during Contenders and showed great skill on the Sweden Team in the world cup. With the addition of Moria to the game may actually help his playstyle as he is one healer that doesn’t mind putting the hurt as well as the heals. Look for him and HarryHook to create a powerful backline for Dallas.

Undead (DPS) - Shanghai Dragons

Undead sporting his LGD Gaming uniform

Shanghai is a bit of an unknown as most of the athletes come from China's premier League rather than from contenders and only 3 of this roster was on the Group Stage 2017 World Cup Team.  Undead is one of the 3 that took part in the group stages and one of 3 members from LGD Gaming, a team that took second this year in their spring season. He brings a unique skill set as he is on DPS who is not afraid to mix it up. As a McCree Main he will definitely throw a few teams for a loop and his skill on Reaper that was demonstrated in the World Cup Group Stage is also a force to be reckoned with. Look for him to prove himself this season.  

Saebyeolbe (DPS) - New York Excelsior

Saebyolbe at Overwatch Apex

The LuxuryWatch Korean team dominated the APEX league in Korea this year and now the entire LW Blue roster is now the New York Excelsior. With that team came a dynamic quick Tracer main known as Saebyeolbe. He is one of the most consistent and hard working Tracers around and even though hes not a flashy Tracer he's always in your face and getting key backline picks. The  reason however he is one to watch is not for his play but for the situation he is. Most of his teammates are unknown to anyone outside APEX League and the other key DPS player Flow3r isn't allowed into play until early May 2018 due to his age, so Saebyeolbe until then will have ample time to show what he can do. 

Fragi (Tank) - Philidelphia Fusion

Fragi in Ninja's in Pajamas gear

Fusion may have struck gold with picking up this Finnish Winston main. From Team Gignatti, Fragi brings experience and consistency to the roster as well as good play. During Contenders Season 1,  he was one player every would forget about until his primal rage is throwing you off the map and it's too late. He knows how to use Winston effectively in every team fight and can switch to Rine if needed. With two good healers on the Fusion team and a solid DPS line up too, Fragi can flourish with is quiet but effective play.